Sunday, November 30, 2008

News - Insurance firm creates 200 jobs

Read more on News - Insurance firm creates 200 jobs site An insurance firm is creating almost 200 jobs in Newport, south Wales.

[Campfire] Health Insurance Bias Against Motorcycle Riders {94077}

Per January 2008 issue of American Motorcyclist, "HR 1076 in the House and S616 in the Senate would bar employers from cutting off workers' health coverage when they take part in legal activities" like motorcycle riding, ATVing, ...

Auto Insurance Protection

Most people assume when they ask their agent for "full coverage" that they are receiving the best protection they can get for their money. Unfortunately, "full coverage" means different things to different insurance companies.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

IRS Liberalizes Health Insurance for S-Corp Owners

The IRS has come out with their first Revenue Ruling of 2008. It has an early Christmas present for S-corporation owners. For those not familiar with S-corps, you should read my post on it first.

MetLife Insurance

MetLife, Inc. is a leading provider of insurance and financial services with operations throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Through its affiliates, MetLife, Inc.

You need insurance

One big thing about working at home is you cover all of your own expenses. From taxes to insurances, it’s all covered by you. Unfortunately, a lot of it get’s dropped when you leave that steady paycheck because you just can’t afford it.

Yahoo Answers: Getting flight insurance 2 months after flight has ...

Question from: ARMONDO S. Getting flight insurance 2 months after flight has been booked? We booked a flight 2 months ago and are now trying to get full travel insurance before we leave from Canada in July.